Although travel restrictions have brought our international projects to a halt, ArtsEverywhere remains committed to actively building and maintaining partnerships that support artistic vibrancy throughout the global commons. In this spirit, we issue this Open Call for Submissions to provide a platform for creative expression and a space to find parallels and intersectionality within our varied experiences of social distancing and quarantine.

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Claude Schryer, Ottawa, Canada 

microcosm This room was once Riel’s and then Clara’s bedroom but more recently it serves as my zazen room, a guest bedroom, a quiet space and a sound editing studio.  These days, it also serves as my COVID-19 quarantine quarters and my temporary work office. It’s 9 feet by 10...

You Can’t Hug Grandma Anymore: Bugs, Borders and Covid in Benin

Laeïla Adjovi, Dakar, Senegal 

Laeïla Adjovi is a Beninese-French reporter, photographer and visual artist based in Dakar, Senegal. In 2020, she was named the first recipient of the ArtsEverywhere Fay Chiang Fellowship for Artistic Journalism. Mo-o-m ?… Yes, pumpkin. What is coNora virus ? Do you mean Co-ro-na virus ? Hum… yes. Is it like an...

COVID-19: Spatial Clusters & the Impending Refugee Crisis

Justin Kiersky, Denver, United States 

In late March, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued an appeal for $2 billion to protect against COVID-19 and mitigate the spread of the virus to refugee camps. His plea reflects the fragility of public health systems in the settlements, where overcrowding, underlying health concerns, and a dearth of medical supplies,...

I’ll die where you vacation & otras películas mentales

Karla Claudio-Betancourt, Santurce, Puerto Rico 

What’s a Rich Port worth if it’s not a Free Port? The irony of this colony’s name is made evident yet again by a new crisis. Puerto Rico’s ability to manage the COVID-19 pandemic has been restricted by our dependence on outside policies, food, medicine and capital. Our political immune...

Love in the Time of COVID-19

Sidd Joag, New York City, United States 

There’s fear in the air, pulsing through the fiberoptic veins of cyberspace. Uncertainty clings to every interaction, as restaurants, bars, cinemas and schools are shuttered in cities around the world and commerce comes to a grinding halt. On one hand, there are legitimate concerns about how families will feed their...