Free Home University

Free Home University is an autonomous pedagogical experiment that situates artistic thinking at the centre of how we learn. Inspired by traditions of emancipatory and radical pedagogies, it exists as an alternative to institutionalized education.

What We Are Learning: Responses to Pedagogy, Otherwise

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 
Jesal Kapadia, New York City, United States / Bombay, India 
Chris Jones, London, United Kingdom 
Sarah Amsler, Nottingham, United Kingdom 
Gerardo LĂłpez-Amaro, San Francisco, United States 
Manish Jain, Udaipur, India 
Kelly Teamey, Battleboro, United States 
Udi Mandel, Battleboro, United States 

Radical Pedagogies as Living Experiments and Messy Affairs

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 
Manish Jain, Udaipur, India 

Learning Hope and Assembling sKin

Sarah Amsler, Nottingham, United Kingdom 

This is a response to eight works in Pedagogy, Otherwise, which I feel connected to through friendships and encounters in two transnational collectives of radical learners and educators – the Ecoversities Network[1] and Gesturing towards Decolonial Futures.[2] The pieces are:...

We ALL Hurt

Crystal Smith, Salish Territory 

In the Autumn of 2016, Musagetes collaborated with Alessandra Pomarico and a number of community partners in Vancouver to host Italian actor, director, and teacher Ippolito Chiarello at Simon Fraser University’s theatre school. Ippolito’s experience with what he calls “homeless...

Radical Pedagogy is NOT

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 
N.O. aka Aliosha Pantalone, Saint Petersburg, Russia 

Part one: To no list Foreword by Alessandra Pomarico (inspired by many). It was a real struggle to define, in a 10 minute text, “the partisan No” that originates and informs the experience of Free Home University—an ongoing, experimental, open-ended...

Really Useful Knowledge

What, How & for Whom, Zagreb, Croatia 

The following text originally appeared in the catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition Really Useful Knowledge, curated by What, How & for Whom/WHW and organized and produced by the Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Contemporanea Reina SofĂ­a. The...

Insurgent Learning and Convivial Research: Universidad de la Tierra, Califas

Manuel Callahan, San JosĂ©, United States 

Insurgent Learning and Convivial Research: Universidad de la Tierra, Califas[1] Knowledge production has increasingly become central to emancipatory projects. More and more people in struggle recognize the importance of learning and research as an essential part of movement and also...

In The Cracks of Learning (Situating Us)

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 

As a preamble, I’d like to clarify that every­thing I attempt to contribute in the following text on the subject of pedagogy is a recollection of ideas that have been collectively produced and experienced through convivial gatherings, dialogues, inquiries, critical...

Multi-layered Selves: Colonialism, Decolonization and Counter-Intuitive Learning Spaces

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Vancouver, Canada 

As I wondered about the best way to write this text, two related events caught my attention. First, I received a call for publications with the title “After De-colonizing…What?” issued after an extremely productive (albeit difficult) 2015 gathering in Portugal...

Torpor and Awakening

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Vancouver, Canada 

This text is an adapted transcript of a keynote presented at the Indigenous Scholars Conference: Indigenous Epistemologies: Re-Visioning Reconciliation on 26 March 2015, at the University of Alberta. It has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Native...

Giardino Ammirato: re-imagining public space at the Spring Session of Free Home University

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 

The 2016 Spring Session of Free Home University started with a desire to take care of the public garden adjacent to the Ammirato Culture House, a hub for artistic social practices and a sister initiative of Free Home University, which...

Narratives of Solidarity: Free Home University—Summer 2016

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 
Shawn Van Sluys, Guelph, Canada 

Narratives of Solidarity: From personal stories to a reflection on History for the invention of (our) Shestories The summer session of Free Home University (June 13-July 4, 2016) will explore how to use personal narratives to reflect on History and imagine...

Alternative Institutions and Intimate Counter-Publics: Chto Delat’s School for Engaged Art and Rosa’s House of Culture

Jonathan Brooks Platt, Pittsburgh, United States 

The following essay is the first in a monthly series on pedagogy, edited by Alessandra Pomarico, co-curator of the Free Home University in Lecce, Italy. Alessandra introduces the series here. In the context of contemporary Russian artistic and intellectual life,...

Experiencing Life in Common

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy 

Free Home University (FHU) is a pedagogical and artistic experiment created in 2013 in Southern Italy by a local and international group of artists and thinkers. It focuses on generating new ways of sharing and creating knowledge by experiencing life in...

Ribeiro’s New Social Sculpture

Gian Spina, Cairo, Egypt 

“I said, if they come with tanks I still will keep on teaching.” -Joseph Beuys, 1972 (in front of the Arts Academy in Düsseldorfas—the police tried to expel him) “Educate yourself more and more, never pause the learning. Educate the...

The Pitfalls of Institutional Pedagogy

Ahmet Öğüt, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

BEIRUT—The Silent University operates at the intersection between contemporary art and modern pedagogy in a space filled with misconceptions about culture and institutionalized art practices. Cultural institutions such as public and private museums, non-profit art institutions, and private art and...