Artistic Practice

Contactless World

Emma Kazaryan
New York City, United States

JANUARY The world is riveted by the news of an unfolding health crisis in China. A mysterious virus ravages the city of Wuhan, prompting the Chinese government to lock down surrounding areas to stem the spread. Morning news alert: Allegedly, the main source of the novel coronavirus is a bat...


Elwood Jimmy
Toronto, Canada
Gloria Swain
Toronto, Canada
Carmen Papalia
Vancouver, Canada
Vanessa Dion Fletcher

Sky Stonefish

Jenelle Rouse
London/Toronto, Canada
Alex Bulmer

Taeyoon Choi
New York, USA / Seoul, South Korea
Eliza Chandler
Toronto, Canada

El Agua: An animated film by Jesi Jordan and Erick García Gómez

Friendly Food Donations
Oaxaca, Mexico

The majority of the 2.3 million domestic workers in Mexico live hand to mouth. When strict orders to quarantine at home were put in place in April, many of their employers prevented their household staff from coming to work in order to protect their own families. They terminated domestic workers’ contracts and...

Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Filmy Dunya: a film by Althea Thauberger

Althea Thauberger
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Zarmeené Shah
Karachi, Pakistan

MIRROR | CINEMA | CITY: KARACHI CAPRI Althea Thauberger: The Capri Cinema Project By Zarmeené Shah Through a small window in a closed door, we see the world outside from within a darkened interior space. A man walks by across the street, past a shuttered healthcare shop. It is daytime...

Performing Ceremony Amidst the “Yellow Peril”

David Ng
Vancouver, Canada

 In late April the Chinese Cultural Centre in Vancouver’s Chinatown—just two blocks from where I live—was vandalized with anti-Asian racist graffiti, setting off a wave of anxiety and fear that caused many in the Asian community to withdraw and seek protection in physical, social and cultural isolation. There was,...

Sketches from Solitary

Justin Kiersky
Denver, United States

A Shaft of Light Inside a 12 x 7-foot cell, a shaft of light passes through a narrow window positioned high above a small mattress and a bed frame of poured concrete. Instead of landing on the achromatic prison wall or the dusty TV bolted to the ceiling, the light...

(Non)Artistic Practices

Maja Hodošček
Celje, Slovenia
Iva Kovač
Rijeka, Croatia
Ivana Hanaček
Zagreb, Croatia
Ana Kutleša
Zagreb, Croatia
Belgrade, Serbia
Sherif Rushdy
Rijeka, Croatia

We Are All Musicians

Hasi Eldib
Ottawa, Canada
Jesse Stewart
Ottawa, Canada

Founded in 2012 by Juno award-winning composer/performer Jesse Stewart, “We Are All Musicians” (WAAM) is dedicated to making music accessible to everyone. The guiding philosophy behind the project is the idea that music is a fundamental human right: everyone deserves to have opportunities to make music, regardless of their level...

This is the land of people built like trees

Kahsenniyo Williams
Six Nations

Kahsenniyo Williams, a spoken word artist from the Mohawk Nation Wolf Clan, was the 2018 Eastern Comma Writer-in-Residence. Every autumn, Eastern Comma, co-presented by Musagetes and rare Charitable Research Reserve, hosts accomplished Indigenous literary writers at North House, a solar-powered, advanced-design living lab set in the natural environment of rare Charitable Research Reserve, situated...

Tactics and strategies of racialized artists:
some notes on how to circumvent the art world’s terms of inclusion

Yaniya Lee
Toronto, Canada

I have been thinking about what it means to be a racialized person in the arts, and what kinds of tactics and strategies we’ve developed to move through these spaces. We wear politics on our skin; to be racialized is to live, every day, with a myriad of projected assumptions....

The Value of Artistic Labor

Jane Philbrick
New York City, United States
Livia Alexander
New York City, United States
Lawrence Lemaoana
Johannesburg, South Africa
Jianru Wu
Beijing, China
Tiago de Abreu Pinto
Madrid, Spain & São Paulo, Brazil
Tayeba Begum Lipi
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Marginal Equity:
Poetry Reading on Indigenous Cultural Self-Determination

Kade L. Twist
Los Angeles, United States

In this video clip, author and artist Kade Twist introduces his book Marginal Equity and reads the first section, “project abstract.” Marginal Equity is a book-length poem that parodies the form of a corporate/governmental prospectus—complete with opportunity statement, deliverables, and budget—all while exposing their smooth rhetoric, exploitative intentions, and empty promises....

Land Art as a Platform for Interaction

Una Rebić
Rijeka, Croatia
Metod Blejec
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Natali Bosić
Rijeka, Croatia
Ivana Golob
Rijeka, Croatia

Land Art as a Platform for Interaction By Una Rebić and Metod Blejec Look, I’m not gonna tell you what I’m up to, but I’ll say this, what I’m interested in is making this thing internalized. It is connected to the environment but not to the landscape. Landscape to me...

Uno specchio per cinque (A mirror for five)

Lu Cafausu
San Cesario di Lecce, Italy

She-Wolf at the Border

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

This alien migrant at the border satirizes the United States’ position in relation to immigrants in the country today. It depicts the emotional rebellion of a large population of Americans against a government that is acting like a ███████ ██████. How long until ████ roll back gay marriage? How long until ████ make...

Art, Freedom, and the Politics of Social Justice

Sam Durant
Los Angeles, United States
Noelle Garcia
Chicago, United States
Hou Hanru
Rome, Italy, Paris, France and San Francisco, United States
Oleg Mavromatti
Bulgaria / New York
Alan Michelson
New York, United States
National Coalition Against Censorship
New York, United States
Karyn Olivier
Philadelphia, United States
Vanessa Place
Los Angeles and New York, United States
Boryana Rossa
Syracuse, United States
Dexter Wimberly
New York City, United States

Musical Improvisation at Land’s End

Guelph, Canada

Jump to French In the summer of 2016, the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI), with support from the Musagetes Foundation and the Chawkers Foundation, mounted the inaugural session of a bilingual improvised music camp entitled Musical Improvisation at Land’s End / Coin-du-Banc en Folie in Coin-du-Banc, in the...

When Knights Come Calling

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

When I read that the 2018 theme for National Women’s History Month was Nevertheless She Persisted, referring to Mitch McConnell’s attempt to silence Elizabeth Warren from speaking in Congress, this piece became, for me, the perfect celebration of women’s courage and persistence in the fight for equality and respect. The monster...

The Lonely Letters

Ashon Crawley
Charlottesville, United States

Janet Rogers: 2017 Eastern Comma Writer-in-Residence

Janet Rogers
Victoria, Canada

The Eastern Comma Writer-in-Residence program, co-presented by Musagetes and rare Charitable Research Reserve, hosted Janet Rogers as the 2017 writer-in-residence. Every autumn, Eastern Comma hosts accomplished Canadian literary writers within North House, a solar-powered, advanced-design living lab set in the natural environment of rare Charitable Research Reserve, situated at the...

Stand By Your Dickhead

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

Set in the 50’s, the framed print I found in a trash pile outside my apartment depicted a surfer in swim shorts holding a ridiculously gigantic surfboard, with two women in bikinis standing beside him like obedient Eves. I showed my gay male friend who exclaimed, “I can’t wait to...

Artist (Residency) and the City

Livia Alexander
New York City, United States
Nat Muller
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Harutyun Alpetyan
Yerevan, Armenia
Francesca Fiore
New York City & Bethel, United States
Jakub Szczęsny
Warsaw, Poland
Lyno Vuth
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Azu Nwagbogu
Lagos, Nigeria
Vibha Galhotra
Delhi, India
Kira Simon-Kennedy
New York City, United States
Anat Litwin
New York City, United States / Berlin, Germany / Jerusalem, Israel / Saitama, Japan

This roundtable was inspired by a day-long symposium organized by Residency Unlimited entitled Embedded, Embedding: Artist Residencies, Urban Placemaking and Social Practice. To watch Jane Philbrick’s presentation at the event, please visit Residency Unlimited’s website.

From Taxes to Yemen

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

This piece was drawn out of the utter frustration I’ve felt over the last two years, while watching Yemen continue to degrade into a famine-stricken, disease-ridden country. A quarter of Yemen’s population, seven million people, are on the brink of starvation, 3.3 million children are acutely malnourished, and thousands have...

ArtsEverywhere launches Online Artist Residency with Mavi Veloso’s #iwannamakerevolution

Mavi Veloso
São Paulo, Brazil / Amsterdam, Netherlands In May 2017 launched its first Online Residency with Brazilian artist Mavi Veloso. In collaboration with several other bichas and artists, she will reveal, reflect, confuse, and articulate her ongoing project #iwannamakerevolution, which focuses on transitioning voice techniques / voice feminization therapy for transgender people as a performative tool. During the...

I’m With Her

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

Recently the US Congress passed a healthcare bill to repeal and replace Obamacare with one of the most disturbingly elitist, barbarian and almost Palaeozoic pieces of legislation I’ve ever heard of. Americans in New York are horrified and the average person isn’t sure what else to do these days but...

Looking for Lesbians

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

A collection of essays, artistic contributions, and two inserted zines, Queer City, a reader was developed as part of an 18-month inquiry in São Paulo. Initiated by and ArtsEverywhere/Musagetes, the Queer City program was a broad collective inquiry into how can we understand the contemporary city through a queer,...

This Land is MY Land

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

I drew this comic illustration on the cover of the New York Times Magazine after watching a video of Alt-Right supporters in the US vigorously hailing Trump in genuine Nazi style on Youtube after the US Election. White Nationalism is on the rise globally and has just been given a...

Nasty Grrrl Baby (2016)

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

I think most people living in the United States are incredibly sick of this never-ending election season. The sickening, overt misogyny we are subjected to on a regular basis, which is perpetuated through the media, is particularly troubling. Why in 2016 do we have a presidential candidate that wants to...

Honduras: The Habit of Silence—A Graphic Novel

German Andino
Bilbao, Spain

Script & Ink: German Andino Introduction Script: Alberto Arce Translation: Andrew Hart *Click on arrows or drag/swipe images to navigate. About German Andino German Andino was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in 1984. He is a man of the streets. But his story, in the streets, is not one...

The Gang and the Government

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

This comic started with an unexpected experience I had going to a Jane’s Addiction concert in Port Chester, NY a couple of months ago. The police presence at the concert was extremely intense, and the anxiety in the crowd over security was really high. My friends and I tried to get...

The Rivers Have Called Upon Us

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

As I was reading Musagetes’ Manifesto on Economic Dignity and getting all passionate about activism, the usual disturbing and stressful noise from the construction of a new ferry pier next to the construction site of another huge tower on the East River in New York City started up. The new...

Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan: Excerpts From a Graphic Novel

Niki Singleton
New York City, United States

This page from the 126 page graphic novel, Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan, teases the survival stories of four Sudanese boy refugees from the second civil war in Sudan who are now living in Dallas, Texas. The four boys ran from their different villages in Southern Sudan when...