Submit to the Dictionary of the Queer International

August 1, 2018

The Dictionary of the Queer International will be a collection of words and phrases from different local queer languages from around the world. This dictionary proposes the concept of a queer language of “internationalist universality” as opposed to “neoliberal globalization” and a vision of an international queer language of multi-locality and horizontality. Dictionary of the Queer International is about internationalism, intersectionality, solidarity, the raising of consciousness, and a vision of a shared queer culture.

Call for Participation

Queer speakers around the world are invited to submit words and phrases in local queer languages, including “Beke” in the Philippines, “Polari” from the U.K., “Pajuba” in Brazil, among others, with a definition and English translation not exceeding 200 words per definition to this email QueerInternationalDictionary[at] There is no limit on how many words each person can submit. Each participant will be properly credited.

The collected volume Dictionary of the Queer International will be published in collaboration with ArtsEverywhere and Publication Studio Guelph in 2020.

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