Meet the Author:
Ruth Jones,  Toronto, Canada / Los Angeles, United States

Miriam Ho

Miriam Ho is a writer, editor, installation artist and architectural designer based in Toronto. She also writes fiction and narrative essays. She previously worked for internationally renowned architects Philip Beesley and Shigeru Ban.

Where Architecture and Feminisms Intersect

Miriam Ho, Toronto, Canada 
Ruth Jones, Toronto, Canada / Los Angeles, United States 
Stephanie Bailey & Mark Woytiuk, Edmonton & Vancouver, Canada 
Yam Lau, Toronto, Canada 
Éloïse Choquette, Montréal, Canada 
Džesika Devic, Kitchener, Canada 
Maike Hemmers, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 
April Wong, Toronto, Canada 
Lydia Karagiannaki, Brussels, Belgium 
Tiffany Shaw-Collinge, Edmonton, Canada 
Acre Architects, Saint John, Canada 
Stephanie Lee, Boston, United States 
Amrit Phull, Bangalore, India 

This roundtable is the third in a series of roundtables convened by The Site Magazine. Read their roundtable on borders here, and writing on the vernacular in architecture can be found here.

How can we newly understand the dynamic nature of the vernacular?

Daniel Millette, Ottawa, Canada 
David T. Fortin, Sudbury, Canada 
Department of Unusual Certainties, Toronto, Canada 
Heather Braiden, Montréal, Canada 
Hello Everything, Nairobi, Kenya 
Jason Surkan, Vancouver, Canada 
Jen Davis, Toronto, Canada 
Lucie Kroening, Paris, France 
Mary Rothlisberger, Across America 
Miriam Ho, Toronto, Canada 
Nelson Mota, Delft, Netherlands 
Omar Gandhi, Halifax, Canada 
Pantopicon, Toronto, Canada 
Paula Meijerink, Columbus, United States 
Ruth Jones, Toronto, Canada / Los Angeles, United States 
Shuyin Wu, Waterloo, Canada 
Tings Chak, Hong Kong, China 
Victor Seguela, Paris, France 

How does the line that defines an area have the power to create and an equally great capacity to divide and destroy?

James Bridle, Athens, Greece 
draftworks*, Nicosia, Cyprus / Athens, Greece 
Dongsei Kim, Melbourne, Australia 
Emma Xin Ma, Toronto, Canada 
Gili Merin, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Ania Molenda, Rotterdam, Netherlands 
Lada Nakonechna, Kiev, Ukraine 
Evan Pavka, Montreal, Canada 
Amrit Phull, Bangalore, India 
Rosa Rogina, London, United Kingdom 
Kathryn Schwartzkopf, Seattle, United States 
Miriam Ho, Toronto, Canada 
Ruth Jones, Toronto, Canada / Los Angeles, United States 
Michael Taylor, Zurich, Switzerland