Meet the Author:
Kaylee Renaud,  Upstate NY, USA

Max Cohen

Max Cohen is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. His work includes a community mural project at the Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology in Albany, NY and an award-winning animated filmĀ The Tale of the GoatĀ (2004). See moreĀ @nehocrxam.

The Virus and Us

Max Cohen, New York City, United States 
Jacob Cohen, New York City, United States 
Kaylee Renaud, Upstate NY, USA 

The Virus and Us is an animated instructional video created by Jacob Cohen, Kaylee Renaud and I (Max Cohen) to help kids understand the coronavirus pandemic. The short film focuses on the nature of the virus, what is currently being done to fight against Covid-19m, and what young people can do to help, too. Originally written as an eBook for...