Meet the Author:
Jude Dibia,  Malmö, Sweden

Thiago Carrapatoso

Thiago Carrapatoso is a journalist and specialist in communication, arts, and technology. He holds an MA from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College (NY), and is a collaborator of the BaixoCentro Movement in São Paulo and the REPEP group, helping create a methodology for using heritage education against gentrification.

What Does a Queer Urban Future Look Like?

Thiago Carrapatoso, São Paulo, Brazil 
Michael Roberson, New York City, United States 
Jude Dibia, Malmö, Sweden 
Todd Lanier Lester, São Paulo, Brazil 
Karol Radziszewski, Warsaw, Poland 
Sarah Schulman, New York City, United States 
Eric Gitari, Nairobi, Kenya 
Niki Singleton, New York City, United States 
Zvonimir Dobrovic, Zagreb, Croatia 
Ella Boureau, New York City, United States 
Maya Mikdashi, Jersey City, United States 
Mahmoud Khaled, Alexandria, Egypt / Trondheim, Norway