Meet the Author:
Ivana Golob,  Rijeka, Croatia

Una Rebić

Una Rebić

Una Rebić (b. 1986 in Rijeka) is a multidisciplinary art practitioner. Her practice is multifaceted and fluctuates between individual and collaborative projects. She is concentrated on exploring ways of communication within the social, physical, mental and spiritual realms. Una works in Croatia and Slovenia, as well as internationally.

Land Art as a Platform for Interaction

Una Rebić, Rijeka, Croatia 
Metod Blejec, Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Natali Bosić, Rijeka, Croatia 
Ivana Golob, Rijeka, Croatia 

Land Art as a Platform for Interaction By Una Rebić and Metod Blejec Look, I’m not gonna tell you what I’m up to, but I’ll say this, what I’m interested in is making this thing internalized. It is connected to the environment but not to the landscape. Landscape to me is a planar thing, just a view. Environment is everything...