Meet the Author:
Inse Armah,  Popenguine, Senegal

Coumba Touré

Author Coumba Touré comes from Mali and Senegal, in West Africa. With Muu-So, she has crafted a tale of the beauty of the process of creation and how it is also necessary to closely care for and love that which we are responsible for.

Twins of Diyakunda

Coumba Touré, Dakar, Senegal 
Inse Armah, Popenguine, Senegal 

Once upon a time, there were two twin boys. One was named Manu and the other Guju. Together, they decided to go to Diyakunda, the Happiness Land. They had heard it said that Diyakunda was the most beautiful place in the world. *Click on arrows or drag/swipe images to navigate. ____________ Published by Falia Editions Enfance: [email protected] Falia Editions Enfance...