Meet the Author:
Gilad Cohen,  Toronto, Canada

Taha Muharuma

Taha Muharuma

Taha Muharuma is a photographer, teacher and creative influencer who tells visual stories of the world around him. Through his photo-style “#streetsoul” Taha has been able to connect with brands such as Samsung, BMW and the NBA as well as meeting like-minded individuals that understand the importance of community and art. But it’s through teaching photography and mentoring Toronto’s youth at JAYU’s – iAM Program and The Remix Project that keeps him happiest.

Photo: Timothy Neesam

Between Paper and Concrete

Taha Muharuma, Toronto, Canada 
Gilad Cohen, Toronto, Canada 

Between Paper and Concrete: a visual inquiry into the history of housing policy in Toronto. How do the legacies of past housing policies shape the lives of Torontonians today? What do these lessons from history teach us about implementing a National Housing Strategy today?