Meet the Author:
Gary Lee Pelletier,  Toronto, Canada

Mike Young

Mike Young is a Toronto-based writer, recovering actor and environmentalist. He’s co-authored two short graphic novels with Oxford University Press, written essays for Alternatives Journal, Guts Magazine, Undercurrents Journal and Demeter Press. He holds a Master in Environmental Studies from York University and a Post-graduate Diploma in Acting from LAMDA. Presently, he’s developing an original web series about intergenerational living called “We Three Queens,” doing occasional copywriting for GAB Communications and running an alternative after-school program in Toronto’s West End.

We Three Queens

Mike Young, Toronto, Canada 
Gary Lee Pelletier, Toronto, Canada 

This article was first published in Guts — Canadian Feminist Magazine. Michael and Gary’s experience living with Michael’s grandmother has inspired a web series entitled We Three Queens written by Michael and directed by Tom Cable Rees. Read on to view the trailer. We three queens of (dis)orient are… … living together in a small, turn-of-the-century brick house on a busy Toronto thoroughfare nicknamed...