Meet the Author:
Edgar Calel,  Guatemala City, Guatemala

Edgar Calel

Edgar Calel Apen was born in Chi Xot, Comalapa, an Indigenous community called Maya Kaqchikel, Guatemala. In 2016, he was an artist-in-residence with and Lastro in São Paulo. He dedicates his work in the visual arts to his community perspectives that allow him to hear, write, see, and live this ancestral culture of which, throughout his work and life, he spreads its rituals and roots through paintings, videos, installations, performances, talks and his presence in different countries of Latin America.

I drag you with me: ancestry and contemporary practice

Edgar Calel, Guatemala City, Guatemala 
Raphael Daibert, São Paulo, Brazil 

I drag you with me: ancestry and contemporary practice (a conversation between Raphael Daibert and Edgar Calel) Edgar Calel came to São Paulo for a three-month residency that extended to six. Through a partnership between the Latin American artist residency platform Lastro and the artist-led cultural platform, Calel was able to travel all around Brazil. During his time in...