Meet the Author:
Department of Unusual Certainties,  Toronto, Canada

Daniel Millette

Daniel Millette, PhD, MASA, MA, RPA, RPP, MCIP Daniel Millette has worked on Indigenous land matters for approximately twenty years. He is Director of Strategic Planning and Communications with the First Nation Land Management Resource Centre. He specializes in land use planning, land strategizing, and land use-economic development interfacing, with an aim at empowering individual communities through self-governing over unique sets of lands and resources. As a Registered Professional Planner, he has worked throughout Canada and within a variety of legal land frameworks including Treaty and Framework Agreement on First Nation Lands. Millette enhances his planning outlook through several academic and research initiatives: As a Registered Professional Archaeologist, he maintains a research program on ancient planning techniques and their relevance within contemporary planning models. At the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia, he taught Theory and Environmental Design History. As Adjunct Professor in the History and Theory of Architecture program at Carleton University, he teaches Indigenous Architecture. Concurrently, he is completing a book on Indigenous communities across Canada, documenting successes in planning and architecture.

How can we newly understand the dynamic nature of the vernacular?

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