Meet the Author:
Cláudio Bueno,  São Paulo, Brazil

Alyssa Alpine

Alyssa Alpine is an arts administrator, dancer, and writer with over fifteen years of experience in New York’s non-profit arts world. Since graduating from Columbia University, she’s held a variety of positions at organizations large (Lincoln Center) and small (New York Live Arts) that have honed her strategic thinking, management, and communication skills. She brings a deep personal commitment to the performing arts community, and as well as in-depth understanding of how it functions, to all her work. She currently directs the CUNY Dance Initiative, a residency program for New York City choreographers at 13 CUNY colleges, and is the Interim Managing Director of New Jersey City University's Center for the Arts. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Feeling the Vibration of the Periphery: A Conversation

Alyssa Alpine, New York City, United States 
Maria Bauman, New York City, United States 
Cláudio Bueno, São Paulo, Brazil 
Jaime Shearn Coan, New York City, United States 
Patrick "Pato" Hebert, New York City & Los Angeles, United States 
João Simões, São Paulo, Brazil 
Kendra Sullivan, New York City, United States 

September 8, 2017, New York City Editor’s Note: This conversation was sparked by Cláudio and João’s visit to New York in the late summer of 2017, which Kendra was alerted to by Todd Lanier Lester. I was asked to facilitate a conversation in my role as Digital Publics Fellow at The Center for the Humanities. My year-long project, Building Racial...

Amizade como ativismo / Friendship as Activism

Ajamu, London, United Kingdom 
Cláudio Bueno, São Paulo, Brazil 
Félix Pimenta, São Paulo, Brazil 
Flip Couto, São Paulo, Brazil 
João Simões, São Paulo, Brazil 

This piece opens with excerpts from Ajamu’s journal, talking about his process as an ArtsEverywhere artist in residence working with Black queer communities in New York, São Paulo and Toronto. It then continues with Ajamu in conversation with Cláudio Bueno, Flip Couto, Félix Pimenta, and João Simões. New York, August 2017 1.1 Not quite got over my jet lag. I am staying at...