Meet the Author:
Chto Delat,  Saint Petersburg, Russia

Alexei Penzin

Alexei Penzin received his PhD from the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. His research centres on contemporary interpretations of Marxist thought, continental philosophy and critical theory, contemporary art theory, and Soviet and post-Soviet intellectual and cultural history. He is currently teaching at the University of Wolverhampton. Penzin has published his research in numerous journal articles in such journals as Rethinking Marxism, Mediations, South Atlantic Quarterly, Manifesta Journal, as well as in many edited collections. His essay ‘Rex Exsomnis’ (Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2012) was part of the dOCUMENTA13 series. Currently, he is preparing his book Against the Continuum: Sleep and Subjectivity in Capitalist Modernity, for publication by Bloomsbury Academic in 2017.

Forget the “Event”: Contemporary Radical Thought, the Legacy of 1917 and post-Soviet Politics

Alexei Penzin, London, United Kingdom / Moscow, Russia 
Chto Delat, Saint Petersburg, Russia 

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