Meet the Author:
Bahar Orang,  Toronto, Canada

Gabriel Quigley

Quigley has participated in and organized “para-academic” educational initiatives in Vancouver and Toronto, and has been a member of Turkish translation workshops. His current research examines Arabic and Middle-Eastern appropriations of French existentialist literature and philosophy through Derridean deconstruction.

The Restless Remainder

Gabriel Quigley, New York City, United States 
Bahar Orang, Toronto, Canada 
cheyanne turions, Toronto, Canada 

For a period of one month, beginning on 27 February 2015, teaching assistants at the University of Toronto were on strike. Advocating for fairer funding packages, hundreds of students took to the streets of the city in an attempt to better their working and schooling conditions. Written collectively by three U of T students during the height of the strike,...