Meet the Author:
Ashley Tucker,  New York City, United States

Diana Ramarohetra

Diana Ramarohetra is currently the Artwatch Africa Project Manager, within Arterial Network, based in Ivory Coast. This project aims to defend and promote Artist Rights, especially Artistic Freedom in Africa. This project covers 19 countries and includes a training component, an advocacy campaign with states, and regional artistic collaborations. Diana Ramarohetra has worked in the arts and cultural sector for a decade. She has worked in Rwanda at the Ministry of Culture and then as General Secretary of the French Institute of Rwanda. She also worked in Madagascar as a cultural journalist.

Artist Safety / Safe Haven Hosting

Diana Ramarohetra, Cape Town, South Africa 
Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Lillehammer, Norway 
Laurence Cuny, Dieulefit, France / Valencia, Spain 
Nforchu Mabelle Ngum, Yaounde, Cameroon 
Sebastien Sanz Santamaria, New York City, United States 
Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury, Norway 
David Maggs, Woody Point, Canada 
Małgorzata Różańska, Krakow, Poland 
Julie Trébault, New York City, United States 
Khaled Barakeh, Berlin, Germany 
Abazar Hamid, Harstad, Norway 
Basma El Husseiny, Beirut, Lebanon 
Manojna Yeluri, Hyderabad, India 
Ashley Tucker, New York City, United States 
Ivor Stodolsky & Marita Muukkonen, Helsinki, Finland / Berlin, Germany 

This roundtable is the second in a series of roundtables convened by Residency Unlimited. The concept and leading question were defined by Todd Lanier Lester and Lalita Salander. Lalita Salander convened the roundtable. To read the responses to the first question in the series, click here.