Arquitectura Expandida

Ana López-Ortego is an architect, PhD student in Geography, University teacher and researcher, and activist in Latin America. She is co-founder and co-director of Arquitectura Expandida, based mainly in Bogotá, Colombia. AXP is a collective that builds structures of public assembly for communities that cannot afford to go through official channels for design and construction. AXP's actions and interventions take part in the transformation process of the physical dimension of a community’s reality. Furthermore, this physical transformation aims to engage communities in the political, social, spatial, and cultural management of their territories. The strategies and tactics deployed by AXP and the communities involved come as a response to a diverse range of conflicting formal and informal relationships between institutions, norms, bureaucracies, practices and scenarios. In 2017, Arquitectura Expandida was shortlisted for the Curry Stone Design Prize — an award which honors socially impactful design professionals — and in 2018 is shortlisted for the Dorfman Prize of the Royal Academy of Arts of London.

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