She-Wolf at the Border

Niki Singleton
July 5, 2018

This alien migrant at the border satirizes the United States’ position in relation to immigrants in the country today. It depicts the emotional rebellion of a large population of Americans against a government that is acting like a ███████ ██████. How long until ████ roll back gay marriage? How long until ████ make abortion iIllegal? How long until ████ decimate the Grand Canyon? How long until ████ completely dismantle the EPA? …and the list goes on.

Just as families are being ████ █████ at the border because they are considered “aliens” “illegals” and “other” to what the current ██████ deems as acceptable, we in America who are LGBTQ, immigrants, females, artists, disabled, people of color, seniors, environmentalists, educators, etc… are starting to wonder when this kind of segregation of people and families will happen to us.

The Death Star hovers behind this migrant she-wolf waiting to destroy her and the planet with her. The autocratic actions of the ██ ██████████ at the Mexican border have been condemned by the UN, and it has been suggested that trade sanctions may now be in order. To Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the allies, ████████████████████ and please don’t be swayed!

To all Americans, I know we are all extremely tired and depressed witnessing daily abuses of power. Though it is difficult, force yourselves to listen to the news and stay informed. It does not work to be complacent and wait for the radicals to resist for you. Please read this very succinct article written before ██████ █████ came to power:

Note: The werewolf and specifically the she-wolf has been historically tied to women’s menstruation cycles and the symptoms of PMS. The ongoing fear of women’s hormonal flexibility has been extreme and a probable reason behind our enslavement for so long. The she-wolf in this painting also exemplifies how free-thinking women may be feeling under this new Christian Right ██████████████, which is █████████ America and trying to roll back our human rights. For more reading on the she-wolf:

*Note: This text has been censored by ███████  to make it impossible to prove one way or the other who is at fault.

Niki Singleton

Niki Singleton is a Canadian drawer, painter, and found material sculptor based in Brooklyn. Visit her website to learn more.

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