Climate Denier

Niki Singleton
May 9, 2018

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Climate Denier - Niki Singleton

I woke up one morning in May, surrounded by the leafless trees of a brown wintery-looking New England countryside that wouldn’t experience spring for another year. Temperatures reached 85 degrees that day, while two days prior the high had been 42 degrees, and we had been wearing winter jackets, toques, and scarves.

I heaved a sigh of relief when I read the first piece of news that day: successful lobbying by activist organizations had resulted in a vote to ban the use of bee-killing pesticides by the EU. I smiled and thought, “WOW! They did it! … We did it!” The rest of the day I counted every bumblebee that whizzed by me…three. Remember when they used to be everywhere? “The next step,” the article read, “is getting the U.S. and Canada to ban these pesticides as well, so non-toxic pesticide science can become the norm”… “Oh shit,” was my first thought.

How is that EVER going to happen when we’ve got a corrupt oil tycoon running the EPA and the President has opened up our protected national forests to new oil, gas, and coal drilling? Trump and Zinke’s latest trick is to pay for national park infrastructure repairs with the money gained from new coal and gas on public lands.

My girlfriend and I went for a hike in the afternoon. There is nothing more calming, restoring, and meditative than lounging on smooth rocks, listening to water fall. It reminds you that nothing humans create really matters all that much, because nature is always here and will always provide a stable home for us… or will it?

A Climate Denier is usually old, with white hair and beady little eyes that are too small to see past the end of his nose. He thinks the world has been created for him and that God is made in his image so he can do with it what he pleases. With this attitude, he shoots whatever animal he wants, he topples mountains for precious metals, leaving toxic waste there instead, he decimates ocean habitats with an obsessive need to drill for oil, and ultimately destroys the livability of our planet for his own selfish gain.

The Climate Denier has become gangrenous because of flooding waters and yet he still preaches his denial. Does he really believe that climate change doesn’t exist, or is he just a liar bought and paid for by big business? Either way, a ghost ship waits for him on the horizon to take him to paradise.

Check out the resemblance of my Climate Denier to the current top ten climate deniers list.

Climate Denier is currently in the Flat Files of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery in Brooklyn, NY until November 2018. The work is much better live. To learn more about the Flat Files exhibition, and to visit the gallery, please visit their website for more information.

Niki Singleton

Niki Singleton is a Canadian drawer, painter, and found material sculptor based in Brooklyn. Visit her website to learn more.

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