Cidade Queer // Queer City

Danila Bustamante
January 14, 2018

Bodies that listen, dance, resist, manifest and become visible in our contemporary city. Bodies that dance the sounds of funk music, rap, samba, voguing, waacking, among other sonic styles of contestation, resistance and struggle. Through talks, dinners, experiences and exchanges, a city seeks to discuss how we live, work, share and survive the different LGBT+ stories and realities… and how we understand all this through a queer, intersectional and non-normative lens.

The mini-documentary “Cidade Queer / Queer City”, directed by Danila Bustamante, takes its name from a 2016 site-specific, collective curatorial process in S√£o Paulo, Brazil. The overall process, film, and related publication, “Queer City: A Reader” (initially published by¬†Edi√ß√Ķes Aurora/Publication Studio S√£o Paulo)¬†were organized by, ArtsEverywhere, Musagetes, EXPLODE! Residency, and a host of other project partners. Learn more about the Queer City project here.

Danila Bustamante

Danila Bustamante é videomaker e produtora cultural. Criadora de pensamentos ilustres e complicados busca através do vídeo, formas diferentes e inusitadas para eternizar um bom momento.

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