Displacement, Transit, Tradition

August 8, 2017

Be it through mass displacements; transnational migration of ideas or bodies; or a transition of gender, thought, or lives, these three articles demonstrate how the connectedness of the world—beyond its economic interdependence—can bring us to different ways of experiencing the same struggle.

Sidd Joag addresses how an artist in distress may achieve—through a network of solidarity—a safe haven in the “cultural capital of the world.” Yet he doesn’t hide the imminent fear of a collapse due to issues of macropolitics (read: Donald Trump): “New York City has long been the cultural capital of the world in large part because of the global migration of artists and thinkers and their contributions to the city’s cultural vibrancy. Now the very essence of New York City’s identity is under threat…” Mavi Veloso, leading us through her #iwannamakerevolution process, shares the experience of own gender transition, while also addressing assimilation and decolonization through her experience and questioning of social civic integration procedures and policies within European countries. Following this same thread, Vanessa Andreotti affirms that “facing the magnitude of the task of enabling a world without colonial relations requires more than a change of narratives, convictions, or identities.”

We experience such complexities in our daily lives as immigrants, trans and gay people, people of colour, indigenous people, and women. The possibilities of transits and transitions bring us together to live, fight, and resist.

Relocating: Emad Tayefeh

Sidd Joag, New York City, United States 

It cost Emad Tayefeh $10,000 to bribe Iranian border guards for safe passage to Turkey, $2,500 of which was financed by the advocacy organization Freedom House. While living as a refugee in Istanbul he paid $4,700 for rent, $3,000 for...

ArtsEverywhere launches Online Artist Residency with Mavi Veloso’s #iwannamakerevolution

Mavi Veloso, São Paulo, Brazil / Amsterdam, Netherlands 

iwannamakerevolution.artseverywhere.ca In May 2017 ArtsEverywhere.ca launched its first Online Residency with Brazilian artist Mavi Veloso. In collaboration with several other bichas and artists, she will reveal, reflect, confuse, and articulate her ongoing project #iwannamakerevolution, which focuses on transitioning voice techniques / voice feminization...

Multi-layered Selves: Colonialism, Decolonization and Counter-Intuitive Learning Spaces

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Vancouver, Canada 

As I wondered about the best way to write this text, two related events caught my attention. First, I received a call for publications with the title “After De-colonizing…What?” issued after an extremely productive (albeit difficult) 2015 gathering in Portugal...

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