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The Radical Education Workbook, Part 1: Challenging Imposed Curricula

Ultra-red, International 
Radical Education Forum, UK 

Republishing the Radical Education Workbook Introduction by Alessandra Pomarico The Radical Education Workbook was produced in 2010 by the Radical Education Forum and the art and political collective Ultra-red, at...

Artist (Residency) and the City

Livia Alexander, New York City 
Nat Muller, Amsterdam 
Harutyun Alpetyan, Yerevan 
Francesca Fiore, New York/Bethel 
Jakub Szczęsny, Warsaw 
Lyno Vuth, Phnom Penh 
Azu Nwagbogu, Lagos 
Vibha Galhotra, Delhi 
Kira Simon-Kennedy, New York City 
Anat Litwin, New York/Berlin/Jerusalem/Saitama 

Maria and the Right to the Center

Paula Van Erven, São Paulo 

Maria do Carmo came to São Paulo when she was eleven years old. Originally from the state of Piauí, she came to help take care of her sister’s children, and...

The Unbribables and the Risk of Dissent

Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić, Belgrade, Serbia 

The recent scandalous arrest of the Belgrade-based artist Vladan Jeremić, which happened in the Serbian capital at the re-opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art—after 10 years of closure—has angered...

Letters to Moth I

Ashon Crawley, Charlottesville, VA 

“The Lonely Letters” is an autobiofiction in which I attempt to think the relationship of quantum theory, mysticism, relationality, and blackness together by considering the sound and noise of Blackpentecostal...

Forced Trajectories: Creating Counter-Narratives to Police Violence

Nissa Tzun, Las Vegas 

Introduction Sidd Joag On June 16th, 2017, ArtsEverywhere was set to publish Nissa Tzun’s piece, “Forced Trajectories: Creating Counter-Narratives to Police Violence.” That evening, Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of...

Make problems everywhere

Fabiana Faleiros, Rio de Janeiro 

Viva the fat ones, Viva the brown ones I want to be a woman without models to imitate To be a faggot you have to be brave Disobedience In spite...

Ukraine’s Battle with Russia Moves to the Classroom

Ian Bateson, Bakhmut, Ukraine 

This article was originally published by Coda Story. The bell rings for the end of lessons at Bakhmut’s School Number 18 in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, and children...

From Taxes to Yemen

Niki Singleton, New York City 

This piece was drawn out of the utter frustration I’ve felt over the last two years, while watching Yemen continue to degrade into a famine-stricken, disease-ridden country. A quarter of...

Urban Deflection

Curtis Walker, Guelph, Ontario 

In his 1988 essay entitled “The City as Wave-Trough in the Image Flood”, Vilém Flusser offers a novel way to conceive of an urban centre: as a weighted place that...

Brutal Kindness

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Vancouver 

We welcome you to our country Our borders open only to a few We ask for nothing in return, except That you recognize the deepest wisdom That when in Rome...

Centering Indigenous Bodies, Thought and Practice

Aïcha Diallo, Berlin 

The gathering Under the Mango Tree — Sites of Learning, that was organized by aneducation of documenta 14 and ifa, acted as an open forum to explore the notion and practice...