Documenta in Athens


Michelle Mattiuzzi, Salvador, Brazil 

Nudity is a decolonizing projectile bullet for radicalized bodies that are marked by difference. It is violent; it is performance; it is activism; it is contradictory; it is indestructible. Therefore, nudity that is assembled through improvised environmental sound, along with the ashen images of the street’s stun grenades and the...

Private Songs, Public Concerns

Eliana Otta, Lima, Peru 
Rodrigo Andreolli, São Paulo, Brazil / Athens, Greece 
Gris García, Barcelona, Spain 

An arm and a leg, intertwined. A wrist pulling an ankle. A hand pushing a shoulder. A back hits the floor. Two bodies immersed in a battle of sport clothes and bare skin. They try to escape but they can’t. One of the bodies turns around so that who was...

Make problems everywhere

Fabiana Faleiros, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Viva the fat ones, Viva the brown ones I want to be a woman without models to imitate To be a faggot you have to be brave Disobedience In spite of you I will be happy I don’t carry your semen I vomit your humiliation Woman, not submissive nor devoted...

On Pedagogical Turns and the Use of Time

Nikos Doulos, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Gian Spina, Athens, Greece 

I can think. I can wait. I can fast. Hermann Hesse, Siddartha In recent years we have seen a strong increase in the construction of schools as art projects or as new propositions of producing knowledge. Curators and artists present themselves as educators, public programs have become a sort of...