Decolonization &
New Colonialisms

Ways of Seeing New Colonialisms

Ingushetia and the Second World Woman

Jonathan Brooks Platt, Pittsburgh 
Victoria Lomasko, Moscow 

Part 1, Prelude Introduction by Jonathan Brooks Platt Victoria Lomasko is one of the leading artists in Russia today. I recently invited her to mount an exhibition in Pittsburgh as part of her book tour for Other Russias (n+1 and Penguin, 2017), which collects her graphic reportages from the Russian...

Against Simple Answers: The Queer-Communist Theory of Evald Ilyenkov and Alexander Suvorov

Georgy Mamedov & Oksana Shatalova, Bishkek 

The following essay was written in today’s Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, one of the Central Asian republics of the former USSR. It was translated by Giuliano Vivaldi, and was written by our colleagues, Georgy Mamedov, Oksana Shatalova. Cultural activists and organizers, Mamedov and Shatalova initiated a hub for radical...

The Game of Non-Distinction

Nikita Kadan, Kyiv 

As an ideological reaction to the ongoing invasion of Russian troops, separatist attacks in Eastern Ukraine, and the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and as a gesture towards establishing a new ideology to replace the Soviet one, the so-called Decommunization Laws were approved by the president and parliament of Ukraine...

Forget the “Event”: Contemporary Radical Thought, the Legacy of 1917 and post-Soviet Politics

Alexei Penzin, London/Moscow 
Chto Delat, St. Petersberg 

The editors of ArtsEverywhere recommend that you read Nikolay Oleynikov’s “Ways of Seeing the New Russian Colonialisms: Writing on and from Post-Soviet Territories” for an introduction to the history of Tsarist, Soviet, and Post-Soviet Russia. Oleynikov’s investigation into the connections between past and present forms of imperialism and colonialism in...

The American Dream

Ideology On Ice

Robert Atkins, San Francisco 

The American Dream, a four-ton, 30-foot-long, ice sculpture by LigoranoReese, is the most recent of the artist duo’s Melted Away series and the molten heart of its American Dream Project. It is also a Trojan Horse: Its straightforward display of a familiar concept conceals a rare capacity to elicit complex...

There’s So Much Giant Single-Word Public Artwork in New York City

Michael Anthony Farley, Baltimore 

Next month, Public Art Fund is installing Martin Creed’s “Understanding,” a 50-foot rotating neon sign, on Brooklyn’s Pier Six. That’s about a 20 minute walk through the Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway from “OY/YO,” the popular public sculpture from Deborah Kass that’s on view until August. Which got us thinking: why...

Melting: the American Dream

Erica Hunt, New York City 

Click here to download the PDF of Erica Hunt’s poem, “Melting: the American Dream.”

The American Dream Project

Charles Bernstein, New York City  

We’re melting. We, the people of the United States, who 230 years ago dreamed of forming a more perfect union. The American Dream is of a people who are decent, hard working, caring, generous, fair, democratic, without prejudice. In 2016, all those ideals seem like a pool of water on...

Potential of the Arts

The body remembers when the world broke open

Billy-Ray Belcourt, Driftpile Cree Nation 

I have said this twice before, but I will say it again:[1] I am trying to figure out how to be in this world without wanting it, and perhaps this is what it is to be Indigenous. To be Indigenous is also to be hurt on the way out, if...

I Dream Feeling, Otherwise

Ashon Crawley, Charlottesville, VA 

I woke up crying. It was a January morning, the 23rd, and I missed someone. Some family member, or some acquaintance, or some stranger — it matters not — died in the dream, disrupting my slumber. I woke up, tears in my eyes, the tears carrying the material weight and...