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All Walls are Temporary

Maya Singhal, New York City 

The wall on the U.S.-Mexico border existed long before Donald Trump promised to build it. As early as 1848, following the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed by the U.S. and Mexico, fences were constructed along the border to designate territory, control livestock, and ensure security. Under President Bill Clinton, walls...

Reclaiming Cartography, Photography, and Colonial Imagery

Kristine Jordan, New York 

Fifty-eight years ago, the Malagasy Republic was declared an autonomous state within an association of countries known as the French Community. Much like other nations that fought for independence well into the second half of the 20th century, elements of colonial power dynamics are evident in Madagascar’s modern cultural productions....

Haawiyat: A Syrian Comic for Syrian Children

Monica Rodriguez, New York City 

After fleeing Syria, a nation badly bloodied by civil war, refugees are finding themselves trapped in migratory limbo for long stretches of time as they await placement in foreign, and often unwelcoming, lands. Of the staggering 4.9 million displaced Syrians currently residing in refugee camps, nearly half are children. Syrian...

The Emerging Indie Music Industry in Saudi Arabia

Melody Chan, New York City 

During his performance for a group of students in New York in April, Saudi musician Diya Azzony prompted the audience to ask him questions about anything from his musical technique to his life story to his politics. This open exchange was exactly what Azzony hoped to facilitate during his four-day...

Improvisation & Policy

April 25, 2017

Activating Humanities Knowledge: Human Rights Pedagogy and Community-Based Education

Ajay Heble, Guelph 

The following is an excerpt from Ajay Heble’s Introduction to Classroom Action: Human Rights, Critical Activism, and Community-Based Education, a book (edited by Heble, with chapters by his former students) published by University of Toronto Press in Spring 2017. For more information, or to order the book, please visit University of Toronto Press. The Challenge: Calling All Dreamers Students in the...

February 14, 2017

Deep Listening at the End of the World

Jeannette Hicks, Guelph 

Deep Listening at the End of the World[1] I’m sitting beside the ocean at the end of the world singing with a wave. A rhythmic low whoosh, and a building sigh–             hhhhhwAAAAAAaaaannsss                                     ssshhaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAnnng……. Around me, perched...

June 24, 2016

Experience vs. Magic: Improvisation and Civic Action

Ruslana Lichtzier, Chicago  

A review of  The Fierce Urgency of Now: Improvisation, Rights, and the Ethics of Co-creation (Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice) by Daniel Fischlin, Ajay Heble, and George Lipsitz. 2014. ISBN: 0822354780. Duke University Press Books. 328 pages. Buy the book.  The Fierce Urgency of Now has a unique structure: a long prelude followed by an introduction, six chapters, and a coda....

April 26, 2016

Improvising Freely: The ABCs of an Experience

Lê Quan Ninh, Saint-Silvain-sous-Toulx, France 
Karen Houle, Guelph, Ontario 

The following text is excerpted from Lê Quan Ninh’s book, Improvising Freely: The ABCs of an Experience, translated from the French by Karen Houle with assistance from Pegleess Barrios & Melissa Chong Ah Yan. The book is available for purchase from PS Guelph (www.publicationstudio.biz). Abécédaire (An ABC) This book is an attempt to describe my own experience as an improviser and...