In 2017 the art residency Capacete went to Athens to do its one year residency program in the frame of Documenta 14. The group is composed of twelve artists and researchers: ten from Latin America and two from Greece.  From this displacement came the idea of a partnership with ArtsEverywhere. With a polymorphous character this partnership involves multiples formats: from events as Queer City, to a series of texts written throughout the year by the residents. The texts, like the group, the country, and Documenta 14, have a heterogenous frame of repertoire and tend to explore what is out there and cannot be seen or seized; the texts borne out of these inquiries can be read below.


Michelle Mattiuzzi, Salvador, Brazil 

Nudity is a decolonizing projectile bullet for radicalized bodies that are marked by difference. It is violent; it is performance; it is activism; it is contradictory; it is indestructible. Therefore, nudity that is assembled through improvised environmental sound, along with...

On Pedagogical Turns and the Use of Time

Nikos Doulos, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Gian Spina, Athens, Greece 

I can think. I can wait. I can fast. Hermann Hesse, Siddartha In recent years we have seen a strong increase in the construction of schools as art projects or as new propositions of producing knowledge. Curators and artists present...

Dissident Geographies: São Paulo, Athens, and Beyond

Jarri Castro, Athens, Greece 
Marta Echaves, Madrid, Spain 

An event called Queer City is, per se, an invitation to inhabit the oxymoron as an epistemological position. Can a queer city exist? What would it look like? Who would be the good queer citizen? Mavi asks a spectator to...

Waiting for the After-Effects of Documenta 14 in Athens

Gian Spina, Athens, Greece 
Jota Mombaça, Natown & São Paulo, Brazil / Athens, Greece 

This article is part of a series of texts which are being produced throughout 2017 from Athens, Greece — a city which has been going through severe changes and now has the peculiarity of hosting one of the most influential...