Creative Nonfiction

ArtsEverywhere publishes literary imaginings that bring artistic thinking to a lived experience of the world.

Brutal Kindness

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti,  Vancouver 

We welcome you to our country Our borders open only to a few We ask for nothing in return, except That you recognize the deepest wisdom That when in Rome you should pay tribute to the Romans Therefore, you must speak our language admire our deeds adopt our dreams obey our laws embrace our values praise our intelligence like our...

We ALL Hurt

Crystal Smith,  Salish territory 

In the Autumn of 2016, Musagetes collaborated with Alessandra Pomarico and a number of community partners in Vancouver to host Italian actor, director, and teacher Ippolito Chiarello at Simon Fraser University’s theatre school. Ippolito’s experience with what he calls “homeless theatre” — an intimate street performance that actively engages passersby — informed his work with the students at SFU over...

Looking for Lesbians

Niki Singleton,  New York City 

A collection of essays, artistic contributions, and two inserted zines, Queer City, a reader was developed as part of an 18-month inquiry in São Paulo. Initiated by and ArtsEverywhere/Musagetes, the Queer City program was a broad collective inquiry into how can we understand the contemporary city through a queer, intersectional, non-normative lens. The program included a series of encounters,...

Muu-So: The Story of Creation

Coumba Touré,  Dakar 
Rokhaya Gueye,  Dakar 

Coumba Touré’s creation story, Muu-So, is one of great freedom—freedom to be creative, freedom to experiment, and freedom to think. But it is also a story of love and responsibility. It’s a children’s story, but with its poetic writing it appeals to all. Ndeye Rokhaya Gueye’s illustrations make it come alive in vivid and compelling ways. *Click on arrows or drag/swipe images...

Honduras: The Habit of Silence—A Graphic Novel

German Andino,  Bilbao, Spain 

Script & Ink: German Andino Introduction Script: Alberto Arce Translation: Andrew Hart *Click on arrows or drag/swipe images to navigate. About German Andino German Andino was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in 1984. He is a man of the streets. But his story, in the streets, is not one of tragedy or personal growth. It is in the streets...

Episode 5: Battle

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

Battle The armor is so heavy that to tie his shoes the knight has to press his head against the wall, to keep from toppling over. There’s no time. The horse is thinking about making a break for it as dense smoke rises all around. Before the horse can stir its limbs and gallop away, the knight grabs the reins,...

Episode 4: The resurrection of the wizards

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

Lots of strange people, in worn-out overalls and t-shirts, wander along the tree-lined lanes around the hospital. Some wear slippers, others sneakers, some are wrapped in bathrobes. No one is dressed up like Napoleon. Almost all the strollers have some-yellowed fingers. (Now and then shouting is heard.) The artist has just entered the studio, following Gabriella, and his gaze alights...

Episode 3b: The Screen Will Be White

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

“I have always created and used submissive sexual fantasies – M will keep talking, seeming somewhat reassured – in solitude, but at the same time I have always thought that the possibility of sharing them with someone else might be liberating, unburdening. The fact that you have shown me my own phantoms as a production independent of myself made me...

EPISODE 3a: The Screen Will Be White

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

The screen will be white, and will remain so throughout the scene. Two voices, M and S, are engaged in a dialogue that at times sounds intimate, at times is interrupted by long pauses or instead by subdued noises and whispers that are hard to decipher. Phrases shift by on the lower part of the screen, which might seem like...

Writing an Editorial

Fernanda Grigolin,  Campinas & São Paulo 

Dios dijo: Ama a tu prójimo como a ti mismo. En mi país el que ama a su prójimo se juega la vida. ~ Gioconda Belli I have finished the text for Jornal de Borda 03 in April. In January I started the layout, invited the collaborators. This edition deals with three center lines: feminisms, queer theory and Afrocentrism –...

EPISODE 2: Anna Vaniglia

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

The female off-screen voice has a French accent and a slight leaning towards the dialect of Salento. The voice is heard over closeups of a woman in labor, a perspiring tattooed body giving birth at night in a poorly lit domestic setting. Anna Vaniglia began talking on the threshold of a public restroom, at the intersection of three completely empty...

EPISODE 1: Uno specchio per cinque (A mirror for five)

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

In the crypt of Cabaret Voltaire, a set will be built with the aim of shooting the first scene of a film. In this scene five non-professional actors will be invited to enact the personal obsessions of the five members of “Lu Cafausu” who will take the role of directors. The audience will be very close to the action and,...

Uno specchio per cinque (A mirror for five) — a serial story

Lu Cafausu,  Italy 

Uno specchio per cinque (A mirror for five) is the title of a series of five episodes of a story conceived and written by the artist group Lu Cafausu as if it were the script of a film for which the five members are the collective director. Each episode’s narrative is based on the themes of Lu Cafausu’s research: reflections...

The Restless Remainder

Gabriel Quigley,  New York 
Bahar Orang,  Toronto 
cheyanne turions,  Toronto 

For a period of one month, beginning on 27 February 2015, teaching assistants at the University of Toronto were on strike. Advocating for fairer funding packages, hundreds of students took to the streets of the city in an attempt to better their working and schooling conditions. Written collectively by three U of T students during the height of the strike,...