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The Curse of Geography: Western Newfoundland

Sidd Joag, New York City, United States
Rebecca Peeler, New York City, United States
German Andino, Bilbao, Spain The Curse of Geography is an on-going series of investigative projects focused on the relationship of geographic isolation or proximity on social justice, human rights and public policy in selected locations around the world. Our reports are produced in multi-media format and in partnership with artists, journalists, NGOs, academic...

Radical Pedagogies as Living Experiments and Messy Affairs

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy
Manish Jain, Udaipur, India

Education and Democracy Part 2

Jaroslav Anděl, Prague, Czech Republic / New York City, United States
Nicolas Buchoud, Paris, France
Lan-Phuong Phan, Paris, France
Thomas KrĂĽger, Berlin, Germany
Yaacov Hecht, Hadera, Israel
Helena Signer, SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil

When Knights Come Calling

Niki Singleton, New York City, United States

Generation Superheroes

Danielle Rose, New York City, United States

Education & Democracy

Jaroslav Anděl, Prague, Czech Republic / New York City, United States
Henry Giroux, Toronto, Canada

The Very Best Day

Ilya Budraitskis, Moscow, Russia

Twins of Diyakunda

Coumba Touré, Dakar, Senegal
Inse Armah, Popenguine, Senegal

Learning Hope and Assembling sKin

Sarah Amsler, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Letters to Moth V

Ashon Crawley, Charlottesville, United States

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I am the space of protest

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy

I am the space of protest. (dedicated to those who take to the streets) This one is dedicated to protest. To those people who resist being jaded and all forms of nihilism, pessimism, discouragement, or comfort and instead, they take to the streets. They move their body outside, they enact...

Freedom Movements, Programs, and Archival Practices of the Black Queer Diaspora

Patrick "Pato" Hebert, New York City & Los Angeles, United States

In his essay, Michael Roberson reminds us that the immense resilience and creativity of the House | Ballroom community are deeply historical and politicized. Roberson writes from within “a freedom movement, a radical pedagogy, and a spiritual formation in response to race, class, sexuality, and gender oppression. … Since its history...

Urban Deflection

Curtis Walker, Guelph, Canada

In his 1988 essay entitled “The City as Wave-Trough in the Image Flood”, Vilém Flusser offers a novel way to conceive of an urban centre: as a weighted place that imposes on a gravitational field and draws people towards it. This weight does not come from the city’s traditional institutions,...

Speaking and Listening, Improvised and Autonomous

Shawn Van Sluys, Guelph, Canada

ArtsEverywhere, and its host organization, Musagetes, are deeply invested in practices of improvisation, musically and otherwise. One of our partners, the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation, based at the University of Guelph, has developed an extensive body of practice-based academic research on applications of improvisation in many fields...

Identity, Collectivity, Listening

Nicolle Bennett, New York City, United States

It is impossible to list the multitude of experiences and assumptions that each of us brings to every action and interaction. In our current state of affairs, it is ever more crucial to find ways of understanding our multi-faceted selves, and ways of connecting across perceived or actual difference. Can...

Displacement, Transit, Tradition

Raphael Daibert, SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil

Be it through mass displacements; transnational migration of ideas or bodies; or a transition of gender, thought, or lives, these three articles demonstrate how the connectedness of the world—beyond its economic interdependence—can bring us to different ways of experiencing the same struggle. Sidd Joag addresses how an artist in distress...

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