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Meaning or movement?
Objects or rhythm?

Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Vancouver, Canada
Ashon Crawley, Charlottesville, United States
Zab Maboungou, Montréal, Canada
Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Seattle, USA

What ways of being become viable when art is able to interrupt our satisfaction with the intellectual, affective, relational and performative economies we are invested in? What are the conditions that make this interruption possible? In this session, we explore the premise that being cannot be reduced to rational knowing...

Safeguarding the Daring Voice

Sidd Joag, New York City, United States

In this time of blurred lines, several organisations around the world do wonderful work to combat censorship, enhance artistic freedom, and support artists in danger. Discover some of the extraordinary stories on the topic in this publication on art and freedom of expression. The text combines the voices of courageous...

To Walk Amidst Collapse

Cíntia Guedes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Reflections from Primary Colours / Couleurs primaires

Primary Colours / Couleurs primaires, Canada

Feeling the Vibration of the Periphery: A Conversation

Alyssa Alpine, New York City, United States
Maria Bauman, New York City, United States
Cláudio Bueno, São Paulo, Brazil
Jaime Shearn Coan, New York City, United States
Patrick "Pato" Hebert, New York City & Los Angeles, United States
João Simões, São Paulo, Brazil
Kendra Sullivan, New York City, United States

Land Art as a Platform for Interaction

Una Rebić, Rijeka, Croatia
Metod Blejec, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Natali Bosić, Rijeka, Croatia
Ivana Golob, Rijeka, Croatia

Uno specchio per cinque (A mirror for five)

Lu Cafausu, San Cesario di Lecce, Italy

She-Wolf at the Border

Niki Singleton, New York City, United States

Amizade como ativismo / Friendship as Activism

Ajamu, London, United Kingdom
Cláudio Bueno, São Paulo, Brazil
Félix Pimenta, São Paulo, Brazil
Flip Couto, São Paulo, Brazil
João Simões, São Paulo, Brazil

Of Homelands and Revolution

Shawn Van Sluys, Guelph, Canada
Aylan Couchie, Nipissing First Nation & Toronto, Canada
Kimberly Mair, Lethbridge, Canada
Kenneth Hayes, Sudbury, Canada
Erin Silver, Vancouver, Canada

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Beyond the Spectacle: Contradiction, Uncertainty, and Imagination

Sidd Joag, New York City, United States

(Banner image: Chto Delat, Monument to the Century of Revolutions, 2017, installation at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche. Photo credit: Dmitry Vilensky.) Over the past couple weeks (months… years…) I have found it impossible to escape a constant barrage of images. Children in cages, violent civil unrest, collapsing economies and societies, and the...

Thin Bright Threads

Joy Roberts, Guelph, Canada

I was busy and distracted when the most recent ArtsEverywhere post arrived with its heading “Putin’s Very Best Day.” As I clicked through various posts to get a sense of where the entanglements of Nikolay Oleynikov and Alessandra Pomarico would take me, I happened to land on “Make Problems Everywhere,”...

Threat of Stability

Nikolay Oleynikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Last Sunday, one week before the Russian presidential elections, with my punk band I took part in a benefit gig to support five young antifascists who were recently kidnapped, detained, and tortured by the FSB special agency, called the Centre for Prevention Against Extremism. We had just finished singing Lucy—a bold’n’brazen...

I am the space of protest

Alessandra Pomarico, New York City, United States / Lecce, Italy

I am the space of protest. (dedicated to those who take to the streets) This one is dedicated to protest. To those people who resist being jaded and all forms of nihilism, pessimism, discouragement, or comfort and instead, they take to the streets. They move their body outside, they enact...

Freedom Movements, Programs, and Archival Practices of the Black Queer Diaspora

Patrick "Pato" Hebert, New York City & Los Angeles, United States

In his essay, Michael Roberson reminds us that the immense resilience and creativity of the House | Ballroom community are deeply historical and politicized. Roberson writes from within “a freedom movement, a radical pedagogy, and a spiritual formation in response to race, class, sexuality, and gender oppression. … Since its history...

Urban Deflection

Curtis Walker, Guelph, Canada

In his 1988 essay entitled “The City as Wave-Trough in the Image Flood”, Vilém Flusser offers a novel way to conceive of an urban centre: as a weighted place that imposes on a gravitational field and draws people towards it. This weight does not come from the city’s traditional institutions,...

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